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Management Assistant CEO

K&K Heritage Group N.V.


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Job Description


K&K Heritage Group supports, inspires, and motivates employees and other companies with achieving professionalism in their work and makes a special contribution to realize its results.



K&K Heritage Group aims to invest in and build a portfolio of sustainable investments driven by established goals to build shareholder value. Mindful of its social and economic responsibilities, it remains to be committed to integrity, honesty, and fairness in all dealings with its stakeholders.

Responsibilities for Management Assistant

  • Actively organize management's scheduling needs
  • Rearrange schedules to accommodate last-minute changes and emergency cancellations
  • Arrange and facilitate meetings, ensuring all parties can attend and that rooms are available
  • Prepare documents for external or internal communications
  • Analyze data and create reports to deliver to upper management
  • Accurately screen candidates or act as the liaison between different departments and senior staff members
  • All corporations and businesses have many moving parts that can be hard to keep track of management assistants
  • Plan and facilitate company-wide events or communications that upper management has created


Qualifications for Management Assistant

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Management (preferred)
  • 2+ years’ experience in a related field
  • Familiarity with recruiting and performance evaluation processes
  • Experience with financial and customer service principles
  • Exceptional leadership and organizational abilities
  • Proficient user of MS Office (MS Excel in particular)
  • Excellent math skills with the ability to create and analyze reports, spreadsheets, and sales statistics
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills
  • Problem-solving attitude



  1. Basic Requirements: 35+ / Male or Female / Driver’s License
  2. Skill tests: Managing teams, planning, process planning, reporting
  3. Experience tests: Justice review statement, managing teams, reporting
  4. Psychological tests: Attitude, Character & management qualities
  5. Director Review: Review all reports / Director Interview



1. Proactive thinking; The ability to evaluate future implications of current decisions and action; the ability to mentally create the scenarios and outcomes of situations that could develop from decisions or plans of action.
2. Cost-Efficiency; Ability to grow the company by having a good balance between revenue and cost, this means increasing revenue and reducing costs. This can be achieved by creating awareness within the team and its activities.
3. Critical thinking; Able to examine own thinking and that of others, about information received through observation, experience, and various forms of communication.
4. Drive for Results; The ability to complete tasks and responsibilities, even in the face of difficulties, displaying a strong commitment to making performance improvements and a determination to achieve positive outcomes.
5. Creativity; The ability to adapt traditional methods, concepts, models, designs, technologies, or systems to new applications; or the ability to devise new approaches to make improvements or solve problems
6. Integrity; Ability to pursue goals, objectives, and commitments in an ethical manner, meet job expectations, take personal responsibility for outcomes, and make decisions based on sound judgment.
7. Respect for policies and procedures; The ability to see and appreciate the value of conducting business affairs according to the intent of company policies, procedures, and standards.
8. Customer oriented; The ability to spent time listening to, understanding and successfully working with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds to achieve “win-win” outcomes.
9. Innovation; The ability to generate new ideas and goes beyond the status quo. Identify the need for unique or modified approaches to achieving results and developing solutions to problems.
10. Interpersonal communication; The ability to exchange information, feelings, and meaning through verbal and non-verbal messages.